THE IoT solution

About ConcR

ConcR is an IoT solution to generate and mobilize quality data across the life cycle of cementitious building materials like concrete and screed starting from construction until 25 years in operation, enabling data centric insight within each lifecycle phase for planners, engineers, contractors, and owner-operators.


Contribution to CO2 emissions reduction

Concrete's contribution to CO2 emissions is well-known. However, it is often overlooked that concrete reabsorbs a good amount of CO2 during its lifecycle, an ability known as recarbonation. Remarkably, concrete can capture approx. 30% of the CO2 emissions released during cement production, yet this captured CO2 amount goes unutilized.
ConcR aims to change this by measuring and validating the captured CO2, subsequently issuing new carbon credits based on these findings. By actively monitoring this captured CO2, we not only address its environmental impact but also provide valuable insights to owner-operators for planning their maintenance works effectively, considering the increased susceptibility of concrete to corrosion as a result. ConcR Carbon Capture Validation: two birds with one stone


Innovation Hub

The ConcR team is comprised of a group of highly skilled engineers specializing in civil, electrical, electronic, material, and software engineering. With a shared objective in mind, our team is dedicated to the transformation of ordinary concrete into an intelligent and advanced material. In another saying; we make dumb concrete smart!


Advancing sustainable practices

At ConcR, our mission is to lead the way in advancing sustainable practices within the construction industry. We are dedicated to providing accurate and validated measurements from concrete structures. By leveraging our innovative sensor technology and advanced data analytics, we aim to mitigate the environmental impact of concrete production and contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts. Our commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability drives us to create a more sustainable future for the construction industry, promoting resilience and longevity of concrete infrastructure while empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive positive change.