ConcR Sensors

Our sensors product line offers a diverse range of advanced digital sensors designed to measure various physical parameters of construction materials such as concrete and screed. You can effortlessly monitor and analyse crucial factors like temperature, relative humidity, moisture content, and more in real-time relying on our robust sensors.

Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity Sensor

Relative Humidity sensors aka. RH% sensor provide a digital, calibration free relative humidity sensor, designed specifically for construction materials monitoring like concrete and screed. The sensor was designed to withstand the harsh environment of the construction site and to provide reliable data over short monitoring period (few weeks) as well as for long term monitoring (few years).


Robust and reliable
Designed specifically for construction site
Digital, self-calibrating sensor


Quality Control Monitoring
Flooring installations
Moisture Damage Mitigation
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Comes with integrated temperature sensor

Digital Sensor

IP 65

Relative Humidity

Range 0-100% RH
Tolerance 2%
Resolution 0.1% RH
Length 1 and 2m


Range -40° C to +125° C (tested by Eurofins)
Tolerance 0.4° C
Resolution 0.01° C
Length 1 and 2m

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Coming soon ...

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